Optima Steamers Car Steam Cleaner

The Optima Steamer is one of the top steam cleaners for cars in the market, designed especially with the environment in mind. It generates enough steam to clean the interior and the surface of an average car using minimal water with little runoff.

Apart from saving on water bills, this steam cleaner eliminates the need for a costly wastewater storage tank. The benefits of using car steamers are numerous, so for more information or to make an enquiry, get in touch with us today!

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Car Cleaning & Detailing Equipment

Cleaning and detailing the car exterior is different from cleaning and detailing the car interior, and so are the equipment required. Detailing the car exterior means removing the stains, washing off dirt, cleaning the windows and the wheels, and polishing the car.

Cleaning and detailing a car interior involves removing the rubbish, vacuuming the carpets, wiping the surfaces, and steaming the interior. To achieve this, there is a range of specific car cleaning and detailing equipment.

Some of the car detailing equipment used to wash a car includes an air compressor, brushes, and sponges, towels. Then of course you will need cleaning buckets, water hoses, a power washer, dual action polisher, buffer detailing brushes, a vacuum cleaner, and a car detailing steam cleaner.

Benefits Of Using Car Steamers

Steam cleaning is one of the most popular methods of cleaning cars due to its eco-friendly nature. Below are some of the benefits of using car steamers to clean both the exterior and interior.

Keeps The Car Paint Fresh

The use of abrasive materials and hard brushes during normal cleaning might scratch the paint of a car. Also, some of the chemicals used during cleaning might dull the car’s finish and eventually damage the car’s paint. A car steam cleaner doesn’t use any chemicals or brushes, which means the car’s surface remains untouched.

No Streaky Windows

If you fail to rub off the chemicals properly after cleaning the car, the windows are left streaky during chemical cleaning. A car steam cleaner cleans the windows naturally, eliminating the chances of the widows being streaky.

Car steam cleaning also removes tar, wax, and other compounds from the car bumper, moulding, and chrome.

No Toxic Residue

Apart from damaging the paint, some of the harsh chemicals used in normal car cleaning are harmful to the environment. The residual traces of these chemicals in the water drains are a health hazard to humans and pets. On the other hand, steam cleaning is natural and harmless to the environment. They have no water recycle system , no waste water tank and no Work Cover legal requirements for waste water, making it one of the best ways to clean.

Kills Harmful Bacteria

The high steam temperature when cleaning the car helps to denature and kill harmful microorganisms and bacteria. Keeping in mind that steam is airborne, it can naturally kill any virus or bacteria in the air.

Besides, steam can reach and kill microorganisms in hard-to-reach places such as cup holders, armrests, ashtrays, vents, and dashboards.

How To Steam Clean Car Seats – 6 Quick Steps

Steam cleaning your car seats without damaging them can be challenging. Here are six quick steps to clean car seats using a steam cleaner for cars.

1. Check The Weather

Remember, steam is vaporised water, which means that it will inevitably condense. Although hotter steam will condense less, the prevailing weather contributes to condensation. Steam cleaning your car seats during a hot sunny day minimizes the chances of your seats remaining damp afterwards.

2. Vacuum The Seats Thoroughly

Vacuum the seat thoroughly to get rid of all unnecessary junk and debris from the car. Vacuuming minimises the chances of accidentally melting some debris and other particles when steaming.

3. Treat The Stubborn Stains

To increase the chances of successful removal of stubborn stains, you may need to pre-treat them. You can do this by finding the appropriate car carpet cleaner or fabric cleaner product to apply to your car seats.

4. Prepare Your Steam Cleaner

Fill the steam cleaner tank and then switch it on according to the user’s manual. The steamer might take 30 seconds to several minutes, depending on the model.

5. Steam The Seats

Steam-clean the seats in the same way you vacuum them. Once done, keep the windows open and allow them to dry for 3-5 hours.

6. Spray the air freshener

Improve the smell of the car’s interior by spraying an upholstery-compatible freshener.

Why Choose Optima Steamer For Your Car Cleaning?

The hot, dry vapour produced by Optima steamer can sanitise the car’s interior without chemicals, making the fabric free from harmful residues while ensuring no toxic substances are getting into drains. Also, this saves you from potential penalties for breaking environmental regulations for water pollution.

Optima Steamers are cost-effective devices with dozens of accessories that can be used in a wide range of business applications. The build quality is sturdy and durable, and the short preheat cycle will save you time.

The no or little runoff makes it a perfect choice for use in indoor facilities. If you would like to enjoy the value, service, quality, and power of the Optima Steamer, get in touch with us today for a free quote.

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Automotive Steam Cleaning FAQs

Are Steam Cleaners Good For Cars?

Steam cleaners are ideal for steam clean car wash equipment as they can clean and kill microorganisms and bacteria without damaging the car paint.

Can You Steam Clean Car Windows?

Yes, you can steam clean car windows without additives or chemicals

What Is The Best Steam Cleaner For Home Use?

Considering that Optima Steamers can perfectly steam clean car interiors, they are ideal choices for home use.

Benefits of Steam Cleaner for Cars

A steam cleaner is a great way to clean your car without having the tedious task of using chemicals. It’s simple, quick and easy!  The perfect solution for those who are short on time or want their vehicle looking pristine with minimal effort.

How much does it cost to steam clean car seats?

You can easily clean the car seats yourself with a steam cleaner. It’s extremely cost-effective to hire a steam cleaner and won’t take you long! The costs will vary depending on the size f the equipment and how long it takes.

How can I deep clean my car seats at home?

If you want to deep clean your car seats at home, try hiring a steamer. All it takes is some water and a few minutes on the hottest setting! The best part about steam cleaning your own vehicle’s interior is that anyone can do it.

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