Product Specification
Brand Optima Steamer
Model Name Optima XD
Manufacturer SJE Corporation
Manufacturing Origin South Korea
Factory Busan, Korea
Certifications CE, c-CSE-us, SASO, INTEREM


Optima Steamer XD is not only a professional external car wash machine but also an excellent car interior cleaner because it is an effective disinfection machine and a chemical-free weed-remover. Also, it can be used for a multi-purpose cleaning machine without changing internal settings or parts. With a portable generator, the machine becomes a portable steam cleaner to clean even in outside. Optima Steamer XD is a better version of Optima Steamer DM(DMF). It is more convenient for function and use. For example, there is one emergency stop switch for safety. The size of tanks for water and fuel are increased. Also, it is so structurally convenient for maintenance. Its structure makes a user change the electric heater easily. Moreover, it has a compact and good looking

Std. Accessories

  •  Power Hose
    Power Hose
  •  Power Hose PTFE
    Power Hose PTFE
  •  Power Steam Hose
    Power Steam Hose
  •  Silent Steam Nozzle
    Silent Steam Nozzle
  •  Standard Gun with Nozzle
    Standard Gun with Nozzle
  •  Standard Hose
    Standard Hose
  •  Standard Steam Gun
    Standard Steam Gun
  •  Steam Gun RL 22
    Steam Gun RL 22
  •  Steam Nozzle
    Steam Nozzle


XE 12K
XE 18K
XE 27K
Operating Voltage 1-Phase 100-240V 50Hz/60Hz 3-Phase 200V ~ 600V @3-Phase 200V ~ 6003-Phase 200V ~ 600V 3-Phase 380V ~ 600V
Operating Pressure 8.5 bar 8.5 bar 8.5 bar 8.5 bar
Max Pressure 9.5 bar 9.5 bar 9.5 bar 9.5 bar
Max. Temp. at Gun Tip 135°C 135°C 135°C 135°C
Boiler Temp. 178°C 174°C 174°C 174°C
Flow Rate 300 ~ 1,400cc/min 300 ~ 860cc/min 300 ~ 1,120cc/min 300 ~ 1,690cc/min
Preheating Time 4 min 11 min 8 min 9 min
Electric Power 0.3 KW 12.2 KW 18.2 KW 27.2 KW
Water Tank Capacity 36ℓ 72ℓ 72ℓ 72ℓ
Fuel Tank Capacity 36ℓ - - -
Net Weight 93kg 84kg 85kg 91kg
Dimensions 1,000 x 660 x 890mm 1,000 x 660 x 890mm 1,000 x 660 x 890mm 1,000 x 660 x 890mm
Hoses/Guns Included 2 hoses, 2 guns 1 hoses, 1 guns 2 hoses, 2 guns 2 hoses, 2 guns
Colors Available Red Red Red Red


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