Product Specification
Brand Optima Steamer
Model Name Optima XE
Manufacturer SJE Corporation
Manufacturing Origin South Korea
Factory Busan, Korea
Certifications CE, c-CSE-us, SASO, INTEREM


As the newest electric-powered steamer, Optima Steamer™ XE is newly designed with some better features than popular Optima Steamer™ EST. Its top cover is open enough to maintain easily. The machine includes a LCD display to show any current status of important parts including water and boiler. There is one button for emergency stop. Also, there is a big water tank for a user to use longer without additional water filling.

Std. Accessories

  •  Power Hose
    Power Hose
  •  Power Hose PTFE
    Power Hose PTFE
  •  Power Steam Hose
    Power Steam Hose
  •  Silent Steam Nozzle
    Silent Steam Nozzle
  •  Standard Gun with Nozzle
    Standard Gun with Nozzle
  •  Standard Hose
    Standard Hose
  •  Standard Steam Gun
    Standard Steam Gun
  •  Steam Gun RL 22
    Steam Gun RL 22
  •  Steam Nozzle
    Steam Nozzle


XE 12K
XE 18K
XE 27K
Operating Voltage 1-Phase 100-240V 50Hz/60Hz 3-Phase 200V ~ 600V @3-Phase 200V ~ 6003-Phase 200V ~ 600V 3-Phase 380V ~ 600V
Operating Pressure 8.5 bar 8.5 bar 8.5 bar 8.5 bar
Max Pressure 9.5 bar 9.5 bar 9.5 bar 9.5 bar
Max. Temp. at Gun Tip 135°C 135°C 135°C 135°C
Boiler Temp. 178°C 174°C 174°C 174°C
Flow Rate 300 ~ 1,400cc/min 300 ~ 860cc/min 300 ~ 1,120cc/min 300 ~ 1,690cc/min
Preheating Time 4 min 11 min 8 min 9 min
Electric Power 0.3 KW 12.2 KW 18.2 KW 27.2 KW
Water Tank Capacity 36ℓ 72ℓ 72ℓ 72ℓ
Fuel Tank Capacity 36ℓ - - -
Net Weight 93kg 84kg 85kg 91kg
Dimensions 1,000 x 660 x 890mm 1,000 x 660 x 890mm 1,000 x 660 x 890mm 1,000 x 660 x 890mm
Hoses/Guns Included 2 hoses, 2 guns 1 hoses, 1 guns 2 hoses, 2 guns 2 hoses, 2 guns
Colors Available Red Red Red Red


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